Statement on Hanover Police Sting Operations

I agree with all the points made by John Replogle. I'd add that, instead of unilaterally establishing a sting policy against Dartmouth students, Hanover's police chief and other town leaders owe the College's new president the opportunity to work with them on alcohol policy--and on the full gamut of town-gown issues as well.

President Kim has demonstrated that he is sensitive to the well-being of the Upper Valley community in the way he is handling Dartmouth’s fiscal crisis, limiting the number of layoffs to the minimum. Dartmouth’s home town owes him similar consideration.

Not only is President Kim uniquely qualified in health risk matters, he is already encouraging Greek letter organizations to improve their behavior with respect to alcohol. I urge Hanover officials to work with him to establish policies that enhance respect for the law and protect the health of students.

Current Hanover policies, notably the arrest of students seeking medical help for over-consumption, do not reduce health risks, but heighten them. Moreover, Chief Giaccone's sting policy is not likely to curtail underage drinking, but lead students to find ways to evade the law.

I hope he will suspend it and collaborate with the College on ways to encourage responsible drinking.

President Kim also has indicated he will intervene with the State of New Hampshire to change the law that allows persons to be charged with possession of alcohol on evidence they have consumed it. The result is that even a student who's decided he or she has had "enough" and is headed home can be arrested. I support the president in this reform effort.

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