Legendary Faculty Member Don Pease Supports John

Dear Alumni,

I strongly support the candidacy of John Replogle for the sole contested seat in the Trustee Elections for which voting will begin on March 10.

His service to the College as a student leader and alumni officer amply demonstrates his commitment to Dartmouth's betterment. In my conversations with him over the years I have also found that John Replogle possesses the temperament and leadership skills that I consider the prerequisite for a Dartmouth College Trustee. He knows how to listen to disparate viewpoints, how to ask challenging questions, and how to make tough decisions.

In a recent discussion with faculty and students, Replogle cogently described Dartmouth's unique academic standing as founded upon the assumption that research and teaching are not opposed but interdependent aspects of the scholar-teacher. Dartmouth students become the beneficiaries of this dynamic interaction by participating in it.

But in columns and blogs he has published over the past several years, Replogle's opponent, Joe Asch, has described teaching and research as mutually exclusive. In advancing this belief and comparably polarizing opinions, Joe often adopts an aggressive rhetorical style. The invective Joe directs against Dartmouth administrators, faculty and fellow alums undermine efforts to promote thoughtful discussion about matters of vital importance to the college. Joe's combative, no-holds-barred stance has served the purpose of promoting interest in his blog. But since that temperament has no place in a Board of Trustees meeting, I urge you to vote for John Replogle on March 10.


Don Pease